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Swiss Functional Fitness Federation

19.05.2019 |   Switzerland  

Functional Fitness Federations are already existing in different countries. Now Switzerland has its own. The Swiss Functional Fitness Federation aims to develop a national competition system and aims to be recognized by Swiss Olympic. Thereby they want to define a standard which applies for all athletes, judges and competitions.


JMT decided to be a member of the Swiss Functional Fitness Federation. Therefore all JMT athletes are automatically a member of the Swiss Functional Fitness Federation. The athletes are given all the rights and are able to participate at all competitions and events organized by the Swiss Functional Fitness Federation.


Anti-Doping Policies

Doping contradicts the fundamental principles of a sport and is creating health risks. All JMT athletes are automatically subject to the doping-charter of Swiss Olympic and its implementing provisions. JMT strongly condemns the taking of PEDs (performance enhanced drugs). JMT reserves the right to stop working with an athlete as soon as JMT hears about an athlete taking PEDs.

The dopinglist and a list with the.medicines which are allowed are on the website of the Swiss Functional Fitness Federation.


More information

Visit the website of the Swiss Functional Fitness Federation for more information about the Federation.

JMT meets True Coach

31.12.2018 |   Lucerne 

Our highest brand promise is „focused individuality“. We do want to deliver the best possible training plan based on the personal needs of our athletes/clients.

As these needs vary interindividually, we are required to have a perfect overview of the athletes current performance. With the help of True Coach, formerly known as Fitbot, we are know able to fully customise each single training plan for our clients.

We are partnering up with Stripped Pizza!

30.04.2018 |   Stripped Pizza Zürich  |   Seefeldstrasse 88 in Zürich

We are happy to announce that we are partnering up with Stripped Pizza for an event this upcoming June.

We will do a training consisting of strength and conditioning before we will eat a healthy and powerful pizza at Stripped Pizza.

Stripped Pizza is a healthy pizza place for everyone. You can choose between vegan, vegetarian or meat pizzas.

You can even create your own pizza. And for all macro counters: They write down the nutrition facts for every single pizza!

Here are some informations about the event:

Date: 11.06.2018 (bad weather reserve date: 12.06.2018 - please reserve both dates! We won't give a refund if you can't come.)

Time: 1900 Uhr @ Stripped Pizza Seefeld in Zurich (be ready by that time. You can leave your stuff at Stripped Pizza during the training)

Bring with you: Your training clothes and a happy mood. ;-)

Price: CHF 45.- (incl. Training, Pizza/Salad and a coconut water from HEYLIFE)

Booking: Click here to book this event.

Training for kids or teens

09.06.2017 |   School Neuenkirch, Lucerne 

I had the pleasure of introducing functional fitness to two classes at the primary school in Neuenkirch (Lucerne). All teenagers seemed to be very motivated and open minded for this kind of sport. It’s fascinating how quickly children learn new movement patterns. Once you let them go, they just try, without being afraid of failing.

We are offering children and teens training to different age groups and skill levels.

If you are a headmaster/teacher and being interested in an direct offer, send us an email to We would love to help your children moving better and motivating them for an active lifestyle. So don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

We offer these two following programs:

  • 2-hour introduction

We will expose your children/teenagers to a new kind of training method, which is currently highly successful within the fitness industry. The risk is very limited: all movements are basic and either bodyweight or near weightless. We will visit you at your school and demonstrate all the exercises with the equipment, you have in your gym/sports hall; we don’t require anything else.

  • 1/2-day introduction

Same thing as mentioned above, but here we also want to get a deeper insight into training.

This is surely appropriate for teenagers at the age of 12 or older. We will introduce your children more broadly to

functional fitness and show them the most important movements.

You could also visit us with your class in a gym.

  • 1-day introduction

You are visiting us in a gym. We will introduce your children to functional fitness in all its facets and show them all necessary movements. Before and after lunch break, we will discuss the nutrition topic and what it requires to train either for an improved fitness or for elite sports. In the afternoon, we are organizing a small competition and winners will take away small prizes.

Compex shooting & "Compex box challenge"

12.05.2017 |   Compex Switzerland  |   CrossFit Luzern

This past week, my sponsor Compex invited me to a professional foto shooting. The pictures will be mainly used for promotional purposes. If you wanna get a 15% discount on their webshop, use my code: JONAS17

They will be included as well in the upcoming qualifying stage for the „Compex box challenge“, which will be held in Barcelona this October. I’m going to be the captain of the Swiss team, which will consist out of 4 athletes.

YOU could be part of this team: sign up for the qualifiers (Event on Facebook),  compete with all the other Swiss athletes and finish within the top 3.

Swiss Powerlifting Championships 2017

19.02.2017 |   CrossFit Basel   |   Basel

This past weekend, I’ve been competing the first time in powerlifting. It was the Swiss championship, organised by SDFPF (swiss drug free powerlifting federation). I’ve weighed in at 79.5kg, which was still in the <82.5kg category and I instantly won the title!

Powerlifting consists out of these three exercises (in the following order): backsquat, bench press, deadlift. Each athlete has three attempts per exercise. As we had a lot of competitors, one always had to rest two to three hours in between the exercises. This made it very challenging to ramp up the nervous system before lifting. Secondly, the standard for the bench press was difficult, as one had to rest on the chest for about one second, until the judge said „press“. I hardly ever trained this standard, so it was hard to set a new PR here. I’m convinced that I have room for improvement in the bench press.

Nevertheless, I could set two new PRs (personal records) both in the squat and the deadlift. This makes me very confident going into the new season, as absolute strength plays a big role in CrossFit.

Backsquat: 180/190/200kg

Bench press: 120/127.5/132.5kg

Deadlift: 220/230/237.5kg