I developed a passion for coaching and training other individuals from all walks of life, regardless of where they might be at physically and mentally. What makes me unique among all other personal trainers and strength&conditioning coaches? The experience I gained over the past few years as a professional athlete, combined with my academic expertise attained during my studies in applied sport science, and my constant drive for self improvement has allowed me to connect with all types of people and to learn various strategies to enhance one’s training. Please have a look over my credentials and what I have to offer, and please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!


Whether it’s strength training, pure conditioning, weight loss or just basic fitness, together we will improve your current shape holistically, as we work individually on those aspects that are most important to YOU.


As we can work specifically and individually with YOU, we surely can have a better efficiency than any other training program.


The education I have acquired over the past few years, paired with the experience I have gained in training other athletes, allows me to bring the essential things out of training science into practice.


I’m able to fluently speak and write German, English, French and Italian – we will find a way to understand each other.


My flexibility allows YOU to train whenever and wherever you want .

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