Stress- management




Your optimal performance is the result of multiple optimisation processes. It all starts with your training (endurance, strength, speed, technique etc.), continues with recovery, nutrition, sleep and ends with your private lifestyle. Our program „myResource Management HRV by DI MIND“, using a scientifically proven measurement of your heart rate variability (HRV), helps you achieving new goals. You receive an impressive insight in your personal lifestyle, which can be either affirmative or evocative. Either way, this is an important first step to an improved performance and a higher quality of life.


Our program „myResource Management HRV by DI MIND“ gives you insight on how well you recovered from your last workout. But you can also see, when you are again able to fully perform and how to guide your own training. HRV measures the fitness of your autonomic nervous system. It is rated among the most objective indicators of recovery, resilience and performance.


We share our expertise with Jonas Müller and his team to make sure, that the insights of measuring your HRV lead to an adapted training plan. We thus ensure a knowledge transfer and your engine will perform even better.


Who is DI MIND?

DI MIND is your partner for prevention, coaching, sport and emotions. We have individual offerings for employees of blue-light organisations, medical professionals and sporting athletes. These offerings are also adapted for corporate clients and are certainly available for individuals.


Thanks to our cooperation with DI MIND, we not only receive scientific data for an optimal training guidance, you can also profit of a 10% discount on your personal measurement.


Further information, pricing booking* and landing page:

*With the booking of this offer you obligate yourself to continue with your JMT training plan for at least another 3 months.

We believe that consistency is key and that you need at least 3 months to see the first results.