Corporate Fitness



JMT supports companies implementing a corporate health and fitness management strategy for their own employees.

We offer training for employees on site or via remote session. Our service is complemented with seminars, lectures and workshops. Topics are "training principles", "applied functional fitness" or "health promotion in everyday life".

Thanks to our partnerships, we offer advanced seminars too, including lectures on sleep, nutrition and

resource / stress management.

JMT Group

In a guided online training session, we move your employees through Zoom. There's no need for equipment, just a chair and

some space at home. Our training is adapted and scalable to the level of the participants. More difficult and easier options are shown so that everyone is able to participate. This offer promotes group dynamics and is fun because nobody trains alone.

If desired, our training can be recorded so that employees, who miss the session, can catch it up on their own.

CHF 150.00.- incl. VAT/ 60min

(20 employees per session)

JMT Home

We provide excercises to your employees that they can do independently at home via our app. All trainings are easy to understand, each exercise is guided with an own JMT video. All exercises can be done at home without any additional training equipment.

Price upon request

JMT Course

We offer lectures, seminars and workshops on various topics. This is an opportunity for your employees to gain important knowledge on training, nutrition and recovery measures in their everyday life. Thanks to our partnerships, we can also offer seminars and lectures on sleep, nutrition and stress / resource management. 

Price upon request


Are you currently planning to build or rebuild your company's own gym?  

Do you need any support in planning or implementing your facility?

Are you looking for a partner who's operating your corporate gym? 

Please contact us if you wish to receive further information.

We would be happy to come up with concrete ideas and offers.