OFFER: 10% discount* for JMT athletes

on all packages from betteryou

Nutrition is an important key factor for your personal well-being.

It doesn't matter if you want to lose weight or increase your performance: nutrition can be the missing factor, why you are not reaching your goals. 

Start the journey of your improvement now with a testing by our partner betteryou. 

All our athletes, who commit themselves for at least 3 months to a JMT programming, will profit of a 10% discount on all packages from betteryou.

For a one-time surcharge of CHF 100.-, we will analyse and implement your data into your individualised training plan.

About betteryou

Give it a closer look with betteryou. Using measurement methods from professional sports and cardiology, the current physiological state is analyzed and potential for improvement is revealed.

Based on your results, individual and everyday solutions will be worked out.

So not only your training, but also your nutrition is in best hands and you reach your next level!


Testing at the headquarter of betteryou - their team will give you advices about nutrition, that suits YOU.


1x basal metabolism measurement

1x spiroergometry

2x caliper measurement

2x bioimpendance analysis

2x work-life analysis

2x nutritional advicing & planning

2x general training recommendation

Duration: 1 to 1.5 months

Implementation of your testing results into JMT programming (surcharge: CHF 100.-)

CHF 441.- incl. VAT


Receive your professional, sport specific and long-term nutrition solution.


3x basal metabolism measurement

3x spiroergometry

3x caliper measurement

3x bioimpendance analysis

3x work-life analysis

3x nutritional advicing & planning

3x general training recommendation

3x feedback call

Duration: 6 to 9 months

Whatsapp consultation

Implementation of your testing results into JMT programming (surcharge: CHF 100.-)

CHF 891.- incl. VAT

*With the booking of the nutritional analysis you obligate yourself to continue with your JMT training Plan for at least another 3 months.

We believe that consistency is key and that you need at least 3 months to see the first results.